Help your employees maximize their savings each month

  • Financial advisory for every employee
  • For healthcare, retirement and education
  • Across 401(k)'s, 529's, HSA's and FSA's
  • From onboarding and education to long-term goals


Employee Human Resources Management software with the bells-and-whistles to superpower your team.

Digital Onboarding

Invite and onboard new employees without recreating the wheel. Get each member of your team started on the right foot from their first day on the job.

Out-of-the-box integrations

Integrations with the top payroll providers, PEO's, and HR software. If we don't have it, we'll add it at no cost.

Dynamic Reporting

Run reports without messy excel spreadsheets or complex lookups. You'll have to see it to believe it.

Employee Portal

Provide a easy way for your employees to access and manage their pre-tax savings from any device. Financial wellness starts here.

Goal-based Planning

Align employee savings goals with business goals from their first day on the job. Automatically tracked and reported.

Internal Marketing & Education

Help your employees understand the ins-and-outs of important topics like personal finance, financial wellness, budgeting, investing, and planning.

Document Sharing

Store and share your HR policies, contracts, and other documents in one place by employee. Everything related to that employee is organized, time-stamped, and catalogued for your team.

Chats and to-do lists

Leave messages/chats and to-do lists for team members. Smart notifications will let you know when you have new messages or updates to review.

HR Admin control

Complete control of your organization - from document sharing to logins, goals, and notifications.

Teams & departments

Organize, set goals, and track participation in plans by teams, squads, roles, or departments.

Top-shelf security

The highest grade encryption available with quarterly audits, pen-tests, and SOC testing results available when you need it.