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Everything You Need to Know about Severance Pay

You just landed your dream job. And between celebrating over cocktails and splurging on that high-end laptop bag, you're definitely not thinking about losing the job you just scored. 
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This is What Happens to Your Health Insurance if You Lose Your Job

Many things make you feel like you're #adulting. Like when...You level up your wine budget from two-buck-Chuck to the $12.99 bottle.
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Five Ways to Completely Automate Your Savings

Let’s be real, most of the time what we plan to spend is a lot less than what we actually spend. Things come up,
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Three Money Mistakes People Make When They’re Unemployed

If you’ve ever watched Sex and the City you’ve probably thought, “Wow, Carrie Bradshaw is a total trainwreck.” And while it’s easy to pass judgment on a fictional character wearing a furry dress, it’s much harder to examine our own mistakes...especially when it comes to money.
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Three Ways to Make Your Unemployment Savings Last Longer

You probably think of your savings as the most prized possession of your finances. You may even get a little Gollum-esque when you think of them
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How to Prepare Your Finances for a Recession

Just like it’s only a matter of time before Batman has yet another reboot, a recession is bound to happen in the next few years. And while you may be counting the days until your favorite Hollywood heartthrob takes on the crime lords of Gotham City...
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How to Reduce Your Monthly Expenses Without Changing your Lifestyle

We've all got them- deadweight monthly expenses that are dragging down our wallets and money goals. Kind of like Bran Stark during the battle with the Whitewalkers. #NotHelpful
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Four Myths About Planning for Unemployment

Losing a job is a Titanic-level catastrophe. If you’re financially prepared, then you’re one of the lucky ones who get dibs on a lifeboat. But, if you haven’t been planning, you might as well be Rose Dawson...
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COBRA Coverage: What is It and Why It's Important

COBRA is it…‍A renegade motorcycle gang? An 80's hair metal band? The villains from G.I. Joe?
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Three Ways to Jump start Your Unemployment Fund

Imagine this: You’re eating a burrito, enjoying your side of guac, when suddenly you take a bite into the spiciest jalapeno of your life. Your mouth burns, your eyes water, and you’re pretty sure you need to call the fire department ASAP.
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