Individuals and Families

Saving shouldn't be so hard. We'll help you save for:
  • Advanced degrees and executive education
  • Flex spending accounts (FSA)
  • Health savings accounts (HSA)
  • Long term retirement savings
  • And even rainy-day funds

We work with your employer to enable AI-enabled pre-tax deductions.
Put us in touch and we'll get them setup ASAP.

Everyday Income

Money to cover your everyday expenses - from diapers to car payments. Get a check in the mail or direct deposit to your bank account like a paycheck.

What to expect when....?

FMLA guarantees your job for 12 weeks, but doesn't guarantee that you will be paid. Build a nest egg for you and your new addition.

The right care at the right time

Automatically enroll in discounted healthcare plans or continue with a sponsored COBRA plan. It's quick and easy so you never have a gap in coverage.

Injured on the job?

Did you know most employers only pay 40-60% of your regular wages when short-term disability leave? Plan ahead to cover you and your family.

Let's find your next opportunity

Finding yourself unemployed is always a surprise. Make sure your expenses are covered while you look for your next opportunity.

Everyday income

Saving pre-tax income shouldn't require a PHD to understand. Our platform maximizes your pre-tax savings based on your income, financial situation, and family needs.

Family comes first

Work is important but family comes first. Make sure you have a savings to cover your everyday expenses if you leave your job or are laid off.

The right care at the right time

Exhaust your medical insurance? It's supposed to be comprehensive but we all know the real story. We'll help you cover unforeseen emergencies and disability.

Injured on the job?

Did you know that most employees only receive 40-60% of their regular wages when hurt on the job? Start planning ahead to cover all of your bases.

Partners for the long term

Finding yourself unemployed is always a surprise. Take Otherhood with you until you find your next opportunity.